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Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty

Wheelchair accessible porta potty and hand washing station near a baseball field
San Diego has all the charm of Los Angeles with none of the downsides. It is next to the ocean and has great beaches nearby, not to mention that the city has a relaxed attitude. This relaxed mindset lends itself perfectly to cookouts in your backyard or by the sea, provided the weather doesn’t try to ruin things for you. Don’t worry, California is always sunny.

The best way to ensure that your get-together is universally loved is to make sure that it is universally accessible. This is where renting a wheelchair-accessible porta potty can solve all your problems.

What is a Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty?

A wheelchair-accessible porta potty is the industry’s answer to an issue that has long plagued event organizers. As an event organizer what should always be at the forefront of your mind is, “how do I get everyone comfortable and settled in?”. When people are comfortable, they are able to express themselves and enjoy the event that you worked so hard to set up.

Nothing would ruin the mood faster than having one of your patrons unable to use something as essential as the bathroom just because they are in a wheelchair. It is true that most porta-potties are not wheelchair friendly, but a wheelchair-accessible porta-potty is. In fact, it was designed for the sole purpose of somebody in a wheelchair using it.

A wheelchair-accessible porta potty has enough space inside for an individual to place their wheelchair while they go to the bathroom. A wheelchair-accessible porta potty also has a flat entrance flooring. This allows for a wheelchair to easily make its way in and out of the bathroom without the need for any dangerous and awkward ramps.

With the required size and entrance, it is easy to see why a wheelchair-accessible porta potty is a must at any event. The best part is that they slot right in next to an already existing bathroom solution.

When to Use A Wheelchair Accessible Porta Potty?

Any event, whether it is a social gathering with friends and family or a recreational corporate get-together would benefit from having a wheelchair-accessible porta potty. A company must be inclusive if it expects to survive in today’s connected and dynamic world. All industries move fast, don’t be the company that appears archaic just because you couldn’t provide an accessible restroom.

Imagine the total mood killer it would be if while you were partying in San Diego, one of the patrons was not able to use the bathroom despite one being available. It seems like such a simple oversight and yet the consequences can be catastrophic. The worst part is, that countless businesses and event planners fall victim to this very simple but significant mistake.

What To Do Now?

San Diego is a beachside city with a lot to love and be loved for. Keep this spirit alive by showing the people you work with, your friends, and your family that you care about them and consider their daily struggles. Consider a wheelchair-accessible porta potty.