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Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

If you didn’t manage time to visit the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, make it a top priority on your things to do list. It is the perfect coastal destination that you can explore if you are somewhere close to San Diego. Located about 9 miles from the city, this popular destination features conservation areas and landscapes spread across 68 acres.

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is spread for about 1.5 miles along Point Loma. The untamed plant life and sandstone cliffs make it a perfect place for people who are looking to soak up the majestic view of the Pacific Ocean. Popular for its mesmerizing sunsets, this place features hidden beaches, ocean archways, and coastal trails.

Spending the day along the coast with the downtown city being close, the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is hard to beat. You can join an abundance of coastal hikers, surfers, and wildlife enthusiasts who are reluctant to explore this scenic place.

What are the main highlights of this natural park?

One of the most amazing highlights of the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is The Arch, which is a swimming hole. It is located at Pappy Point. Stretched for about 20 feet above the water level, this amazing rock formation is a popular place for hanging out under the bright sunlight.

However, keep in mind that you are going to face uneven terrain. Therefore, take precautions if you are planning to experience beautiful things at The Arch. After you are headed to the South along the coastline, you will arrive at Sunset Cliffs Beach.

It is a bit tricky to reach this stretch of sandy coast by road. However, when you make the right descent, you can arrive at this location easier and faster. Most surfers prefer to enjoy other sports that fall along the coastline. The beachfront is considered one of the perfect places for watching the sunset and swimming.

Where can you shop or eat near Sunset Cliffs Natural Park?

If you are thinking about having dinner or lunch, you don’t need to go further looking for places because the Sunset Cliffs are quite closer to the downtown city. You can get a handful of restaurants and cafes between Point Loma Avenue and Sunset Cliffs Boulevard.

And, most of these cafes serve the most popular Baja-style cuisine along with certain ice-cold drinks. If you are thinking about having a variety of dinner options to choose from, you can head further North to find some of the nicest places in Ocean Beach.

The Ocean Beach Pier provides you the most wonderful sunset views along with a top-quality selection of trendy bars, eateries, and coffee roasteries. Ocean Beach is the right place to explore especially if you are planning to spend the remaining day shopping after you have experienced a good time at the Natural Park.

There is a variety of shops that provides you with clothing gears. Also, you can explore some vintage stores and gift shops throughout the area. You can buy all the things of your choice that would remind you of the wonderful time you had spent in this gorgeous Natural Park.

More things to do at Sunset Cliffs Natural Park:

Of all the activities that you can do in this Natural Park, surfing is a popular activity. However, keep in mind that not all places are best suited for surfing. And, you can get hold of the best waves at specific locations.\

The locations include Luscomb Point, Garbage Beach, and New Break. However, all these locations are not for beginner surfers. Apart from experiencing some of the panoramic vistas that stretch as far as you can see, the Sunset Cliffs Natural Park gives wildlife enthusiasts a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of the grey whale.

With over 20,000 grey whales migrating from Alaska to California, you can experience the pleasing sight when you visit the place between December and April. Also, you can explore some of the hidden caves in the area like the Sunset Cliffs Cave.

However, keep in mind that visit these caves only when there is low tide. While you can capture the best sunset photos, be sure that you don’t get caught out by the rising water level that could make it harder for you to return to land.

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